LSR May meetup with Digital Shoreditch presenters announced

Techmeetups announces the line up of presenters for the London Silicon Roundabout May meetup along with Digital ShoreDitch.

The world of Moshi Monsters has been created by Mind Candy, a company that loves developing games and new forms of interactive entertainment. Their intention when creating Moshi Monsters was to a produce a ground breaking new entertainment experience that would be fun, safe and educational for kids of all ages.

MoodShare allows you to create and share mood boards. It’s fast, secure and collaborative.  MoodShare is for everyone in the business of selling ideas. So whether you’re in advertising, graphics, fashion, interiors, architecture or photography, MoodShare will speed up and improve the way you sell ideas.

Are Europe’s first social recruiting platform.  They build talent communities for their clients and then give them the tools to engage, inform and hire from their communities.  They allow community members to engage directly with employers.

Zuztertu designs and develops educational mobile applications and solutions. Zuztertu is a real word that means ‘to grow shoots’. It is in this vein that Zuztertu develops educational mobile applications that allow individuals to grow and develop.

Bambuser is a powerful tool for producing and distributing real-time and interactive mobile and web/DV-cam video experiences, quickly and at a very low cost. Using Bambuser one can  increase their engagement with their audience, drive traffic, and easily distribute the content to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others.

The event is being held at 6pm on Thu 5th May at StartHub. You can join The London Silicon Roundabout Meetup Group here and RSVP for the event here.


About organises The London Silicon Roundabout Meetup Group.

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