Techmeetups Sponsor: Intel AppUp(SM) Developer Program

The Intel AppUpSM developer program provides developers with everything they need to create and then sell their applications to millions of Intel Atom-based devices. The program gives OEMs and the ecosystem a framework to deliver great new applications directly to consumers.

Through the program, developers will set the price for their applications and will receive up to 70% of the revenue from every sale from every store. Infrastructure operational expenses and partner revenue will be covered from the remaining portion. Developers can choose to use some of their revenue in exchange for things like promotion. They can also build and sell application components through the Developer Store in exchange for a % share of revenue from every application sold which uses their component.

Developers and ISVs can join and become members of the Intel AppUpSM developer program. As members, developers will have access to technical information and updates, and can create components and applications for the Intel AppUpSM developer program. To submit an application, developers must use the version of the Intel AppUpSM developer program Software Development Kit.

The developer catalog will list components available to help accelerate the development and implementation of useful and innovative functionality. Each component includes its own API and documentation. When another developer uses your component in their application, you can receive a portion of their application revenue. The amount of the revenue sharing agreement is negotiated between the component and application developers. Having a catalog of reusable components should help speed up application development process and also provides component developers with a way to make money.

Intel works with the software community to make Intel processors the platform of choice for the customers chosen operating environment. Today, the Intel AppUpSM developer program supports C/C++ Windows, Adobe AIR*, Microsoft.NET and Java and MeeGo-based operating environments. The Intel Atom processor platform is an open environment and we expect other environments will be supported as phone and new devices based on the Intel Atom processor to come on board as customer and market demand indicates.

For more information on the Intel AppUpSM Developer Program, visit


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