LSR June Meetup (Mobile App Expo) Presenter: The Lost Journal (Conjure)

Written by Susie Cornfield specifically for the iPad and realised for publishers Garret Books by ConjureDigital, The Lost Journal is the prequel to the satirical thriller series of Susie Cornfield’s Dekaydence novels about teenagers fighting to save the planet from global warming, political corruption and designer trousers.

The new iPad app contains stunning new artwork by Jamel Akib, cover illustrator of the two Dekaydence books, Black Light and Green Fire and his inimitable, dark, edgy style matches Cornfield’s wild and whacky, paradoxical, dysfunctional world. Is it a 3-D app? No, but so it appears in the interactive iPad artwork – press the sporran of a Black Tartan Guard and hear a bagpipe solo. The screen shifts, the world stumbles, wild haggoids growl, a blueprint farts, andhigh-flying Eye-Spys screech across the skies.

Learn more about The Lost Journal as Conjure presents this app on the London Silicon Roundabout June meetup (Mobile App Expo) this June 9 (Thursday) at Seren Partners.



About organises The London Silicon Roundabout Meetup Group.

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