London Silicon Roundabout Weekly Roundup 10-June

Weekly Newsletter of London Silicon Roundabout

ISSUE 10 JUNE 2011



13-17-June: Opening Week (Innovation Warehouse)

13-June: London Ruby User Group June 2011

14-June: AWS Summit London 2011

14-June: London Ajax User Group Meetup: Advanced JavaScript

14-June: TechHubTuesday Demo Night June

15-June: The Future of Digital Marketing 2011

15-June: Scala Exchange 2011

17-June: Ampersand

17-June: Innovation Jam at UCL Ideastock

18-June: Interesting 2011

23-June: AppsJunction Monthly Meetup



Boxee launches the Boxee Box in London Silicon Roundbaout – June 8, 2011

Tonight at a rowdy event in London’s Silicon Roundabout (our twee answer to Silicon Valley), Boxee launched the UK version of their popular set-top unit, the Boxee Box…

UKTI promotes Tech City in Internet Week, New York – June 8, 2011

London Will Be Europe’s Main Tech Hub Says Minister – June 8, 2011

There is something paradoxical about the U.K. government minister responsible for driving the country’s hi-tech initiatives is a Lord and takes his title from a tiny village in the south of the country….

LSR member Moshi Monsters, The Social Networking Game For Kids, Passes The 50 Million Users Mark – June 7, 2011

Two years ago, Mind Candy was just another online gaming company. It had some minor success with interactive puzzles and an alternative reality game calledPerplexcity, but the future wasn’t exactly bright…

Major Project of Seren Partners, LSR Sponsor, Featured on BBC – June 7, 2011

First Tech City Planning Application Set For Hackney Week – June 7, 2011

London Thames Gateway Development Corporations will shortly submit the first planning application in East London’s transformation to become the UK’s version of Silicon Valley…



09-June: DevelopersWe are looking for developers (ideally one to lead) who will play a key role in defining the technology on which our product is based and in subsequently building the product.

09-June: DeveloperSomeone to architect and build a patent-pending web technology (not a website), ensuring it is globally-scalable and can support mass use.  The technology is straightforward and we are open to different languages.  We have a working prototype.

27-May: Developers (Junior and Senior)A live video platform dedicated to connecting people with knowledge and expertise to those who seek it.




25 Common Sense Tips for Tech Startups – Digital Inspiration

Startup Analytics: Focus on metrics that matter – Startups, London

VCs are often wrong! – Startups, London

Startup Marketing – Hacker Monthly (Special Issue)

[Video] Michael Yavonditte (Hashable) – TechCrunchTV (Founder Stories)


A huge thank you to the sponsors and presenters of the London Silicon Roundabout June Meetup (Mobile App Expo) and to all those who came.  We wish to see you again on our next meetup on July 7, which will be about Games and Gaming Applications. Have a great weekend! 



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