London’s Silicon Roundabout from a New York state of mind

We may live in a globally connected world, where we’re just an email, Skype call or Follow away from a brilliant introduction. But it’s tricky going to bed at midnight in London when Silicon Valley is still in the office and happy hour in New York is just getting started. I arrived in London one week ago, energetically high from a spring spent celebrating an epic technological movement in New York City, but insatiably curious to discover what our friends across the pond are up to in London.

As you may know, there are about 100 tech startups in East London, particularly in the Shoreditch area peppered along Old Street in a location lovingly referred to as “Silicon Roundabout,” the city’s twee answer to Silicon Valley. With Government investment now planned for the area and exciting plans for The Tech City that will stretch from the area to neighboring Stratford, hub of the 2012 Olympic Games, London’s tech scene is nascent, wondrous and explorative.

Networking is undoubtedly a huge part of any industry, particularly the technology industry, and participation and attendance at these events are the most measurable factors of a growing scene. It would seem then, that London’s tech scene has quite a way to go. For example, London’s Silicon Roundabout Meetup has nearly 1,000 members, which pales in comparison to the NY Tech Meetup, which has over 18,000 members and a secondary market for tickets.



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