London Silicon Roundabout June Meetup – Conjure

“Engaging young people in getting involved is really important… getting involved in reading, getting involved in this new platform… and its a golden opportunity for us to do this!” – Sam Clark, Managing Director (Conjure)

Conjure is a 2-year-old mobile apps agency based in London and is engaged in applications development across various platforms.  About 80 percent of their work is on mobile applications while the remaining 20 percent is on Facebook applications.  Since its conceptualization, the company have had the privilege of working with great clients like PC Advisor and Channel 4.

Realizing the great potential of mobile books and mobile reading, Conjure started working on a new format in digital publishing. Sam Clark, Founder and Managing Director of Conjure, talks about this exciting and highly interactive format during the London Silicon Roundabout June Meetup.

Read our Pre-Meetup Blog on Conjure and the Lost Journal iPad App Here



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One Response to London Silicon Roundabout June Meetup – Conjure

  1. Shame your videos are so quiet… It is worth doing some processing on them before you upload.

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