London Silicon Roundabout June Meetup – Turned On Digital

“We wanted to do something that has that kind of location element and it has a bit of interactivity and really brings people together.” – Mia Bennett, CEO (Turned On Digital)

Turned On Digital is a highly specialized boutique mobile application development agency with extensive experience in the development of mobile platforms.  The company, founded by Mia Bennett who also currently holds the position of CEO, is the proud developer of awesome mobile applications such as: Movie Buff, The Shift, and The Situationist to name a few.

The Situationist is an iPhone app, which alerts users to each other’s proximity and gets them to interact in random situations; the most popular of which is “Compliment me on my new haircut”.  Turned On Digital shared this exciting new application to the London Silicon Roundabout Meetup Group during the Mobile App Expo held last June 9.



Read our Pre-Meetup blog on Turned On Digital and The Situationist Here



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