Silicon Roundabout – Shoreditch’s digital revolution

I was surprised to see Silicon Roundabout referenced and pictured in the Sun last week. Quite a theoretical and London-centric piece for the Sun to pick up, I thought, despite being bylined to the rather famous (Sun-reading, apparently) founder of Tweetdeck.

It demonstrates the growing buzz about the Old Street/Clerkenwell/Shoreditch area as a hub of creativity, technology and digital innovation in the UK.  The ‘silicon’ reference is a bit misleading; it communicates a clear idea but when the phrase was coined, Silicon Valley was literally about silicon. Processors. Hardware.

The community spanning the EC1/EC2/E1 zones of east central London is much more about software and web services. There’s no room here for build functions, or even extensive labs – just space to think in, good pubs to drink in and like-minded brains to share ideas with. Rent is cheap by inner London standards and yet it’s a stone’s throw from the City and just a little further to the West End.

Some wonderful, innovative digital businesses have grown up here. A few of its better known offspring include: Unruly Media, the leading global platform for social video advertising; digital production house Smile Machine; popular music recommendation service




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